Double Chin Reductiom

Many people find that they are often happy with their facial profile but are disappointed with extra flesh around the bottom of their chin and upper neck, often termed the 'double chin', but how do you get rid of your double chin? Can a double chin be dissolved?

There are surgical and non-surgical options to reduce the appearance of saggy jowls and double chins. Many people seek to avoid surgical options due to downtime and bruising.

Non-Surgical Options

The most common way to reduce a double chin is using fat dissolving injections. These are injections which have been used for years and are backed up by research and are often used on other stubborn pockets of fat around the belly, inner thighs and "muffin top" areas.

How does it work?

Fat dissolving injections are often known as 'Aqualyx' injections in the United Kingdom, although other brands are available. Aqualyx is a kind of gel which can be injected into the double chin. There are usually multiple small injections to the chin area.

There are cells of fat in this area which have a membrane. These membranes can be disturbed and they eventually weaken and the fat cells are then destroyed. The best results are after a course of 3 to 8 treatments.

Some providers will use ultrasound waves afterwards to enhance the passing of fat tissue from the body, however studies have shown that this is not needed with Aqualyx and does not actually change the end result. Ultrasound procedures tend to be more expensive as the provider must pay for the machine.

How long does it take to work?

Aqualyx gets to work almost immediately but will work over the course of a few weeks. A course of fat dissolving aqualyx injections is much more effective. It goes without saying that the more sessions you have, the more fat will be dissolved. However, depending on the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved, some people will not need 8 sessions and could just settle for 3.

What are the side effects?

One of the most commonly reported side effects is redness and bruising, which resolves 3 to 5 days after treatment and is to be expected in any treatment which involves injections. Another is itching, which starts around 3 to 7 days after the injection and subsides within a few days. This is a result of the destruction of the adipose tissue (fat cells) and can be avoided by taking an antihistamine. Much rarer side effects are allergic reactions and the development of tiny nodules under the skin which usually resolve within a few months. A very rare side effect is death of the tissue around the area. This is extremely rare and generally avoided by getting your treatment with a medically trained professional.

How much does this cost?

Many clinics charge between £150 to £300 for an injection or between £400 to £600 for a course of 3 depending on location. At You Aesthetics in Sherwood, Nottingham, we charge £150 for one session or £400 for a course of 3 injections.

For some of the best fat dissolving injections in Nottingham or just to chat about what you want, book online at

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