Under Eye Fillers: FAQs

Updated: Apr 10

Are the bags under your eyes getting you down? Are you tired of looking tired? Have you been wondering about whether to go for tear trough filler? Here is everything you need to know:

What is tear trough filler or under eye filler?

The tear trough is the line under the eye which may appear as we age. It commonly results in what is known as ‘bags under the eyes’. Other people simply develop a groove underneath the eye. Many clients come and state that they are sick of appearing tired all the time and want the hollows under the eyes or bags under the eyes to disappear.

Why do we get bags under the eyes?

This tends to happen as we age. When we are young, we have a lot of volume to our cheeks and upper face. This makes our cheeks appear plump and youthful. As we age, this volume tends to diminish. However, the fat pads which are directly under the eyes may not waste away quite as fast as the rest of the cheek. This results in a pad which is completely unsupported by the tissue beneath, appearing as a ‘bag’ under the eye. Eye bag filler, or tear trough filler, is one of the most common ways to correct this and is one of the most common treatments we perform at You Aesthetics in Nottingham.

How do fillers help hollowness under the eyes?

Eye bags and hollow appearance under the eyes due to the diminishing volume of the cheeks can be restored using filler. This can be delivered using a needle or by using a cannula, which is a form of small, flexible tube that can be placed underneath the skin to deliver filler. Filler will restore the volume in the cheek that was lost with aging, filling out hollows under the eyes and ‘blending’ eye bags back into the cheek itself

How does it work?

At You Aesthetics in Nottingham, we use a cannula approach to fill the under eye region. First, an area on the client’s cheek a few centimetres underneath the eye is numbed using a topical numbing cream. Then, a small needle is placed into the cheek to make a small entry point for the cannula. The needle is removed and the cannula is threaded through the hole. The cannula is even narrower than the small needle, so this is much more comfortable for the patient. The end of the cannula is then fed underneath the skin to the under-eye area, or the tear trough. Here, filler is delivered to fill out the area. You Aesthetics will fill the entire tear trough like this, only using one needle entry point.

Sometimes, clients may need some extra cheek filler too in order to blend the tear trough effectively. This can also be delivered using a cannula or via a needle, depending which part of the cheek is approached.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect with any tear trough treatment, as with many fillers, is bleeding and bruising. This is more common underneath the eye as the skin in this area is very thin. However, use of a cannula in this region certainly reduces the risk of this happening as the end of the cannula is blunt rather than pointed. Less common side effects are those associated with any filler treatment, such as allergic reactions, granuloma formation and vessel occlusion. With the latter at least, cannulas are again much safer as it very difficult for a cannula to pierce a blood vessel due to the fact it does not have a pointed end.

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