What is no needle filler?

Updated: Apr 10

A fairly new treatment, no-needle filler takes out the most unpleasant part of your treatment but still gives you effective and natural results

How is it done?

No needle filler is delivered using the hyaluron pen or hyaluronic acid pen. The same filler is delivered to the skin as if you were receiving filler injections

Hyaluron pens or hyaluronic acid pens were developed for delivery of insulin to diabetic patients whilst avoiding needles. Now the technology has made its way into the beauty world and it is taking the world by storm!

How does it work?

Hyaluron pens use high pressure to drive the filler through the epidermis and into the layers of the skin that give you the little lift you are hoping for

Are the results as good as injections?

Whilst slightly less filler can be delivered using the Hyaluron pen, the results are no less stunning! If you are looking for a little boost to your lips or some beautiful natural results without the needles - this is the option for you!

Is it safe?

As the hyaluron pen has not been around for as long as injectable filler, some people naturally question it.

There is naturally less risk to using hyaluron pens as they do not involve piercing the skin and therefore carry less risk of infection or damage to underlying arteries or tissues. Whilst there can be some bruising with the hyaluron pen, this is not usually as pronounced as an injection

Does it hurt?

Clients describe a little 'pinch' as the pressure of the pen is applied and the filler enters the tissue. But if you hate needles, this is absolutely the treatment for you!

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